Casual for a Cause
We love giving back

Casual for a Cause is a giving initiative in which our staff along with the staff of Biggar & Landis Insurance Services "pay" $5 per pay period to dress in jeans on Fridays.  We use the money raised to donate to specific groups in the area. The "causes" are nominated and voted on by participating staff members of the Biggar & District Credit Union and Biggar and Landis Insurance Services. This is a small  but meaningful way the staff chooses to give back to the communities they live in. 

Each year we make 12 donations (1 per month).

Karla O'Brian, pictured left, proudly shows off one of the Friday shirts that staff wear when dressing down to give back. 

The causes chosen by staff for 2020 - 2021 are:


Month and Year

Landis Library

August, 2020

Perdue Fire Department

September, 2020

Biggar Curling Club

October, 2020

Landis Curling Club

November, 2020

Biggar and District Food Bank  (Food for Thought)

December, 2020

Landis Fire Department

January, 2021

Biggar Tiny Tots Nursery School

February, 2021

Sandra Schmirler Olympic Gold Park

March, 2021

Biggar & District Daycare

May, 2021

Biggar New Horizons

June, 2021

Biggar Fire Department

July, 2021

Some of the 2020 recipients


Jocelyn Poletz, Cindy Seidl, Keaton Donahue

Biggar Family Centre

Lorie Trinidad, Melanie Kramer

Curling Club

Kathy Hawes, Leisha Desrosiers

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