It's a Money Thing

Welcome! Thanks for joining me!

My name is Jen and I'm on a learning journey to discover how money works. I know how to do my day-to-day transactions, but I'm ready to make good financial decisions to become financially successful. Join me, and let's discover together! I promise it won't be boring. 

This video gives a short overview of what to expect. Let's watch it now. 

Are you ready to learn more?

I'm excited that you are joining me! We are going to learn how to Grow our Money, Manage our Money, and Build our Wealth. We'll meet interesting people on the way and learn in a fun and interactive way. Choose what you want to learn more about by clicking on the tile below. Let's get started!

Money Choices that Matter

Not all financial institutions are the same. You need to feel at home wherever you bank. Learn to ask important questions like "Do I share in your profit?" and "Can I have a say in the direction of this institution?" before you choose your financial partner. 

Choose your financial institution

Choosing where you bank is important. Not all financial institutions do business the same way. 

Common Money Beliefs

Your decisions on saving and spending are influenced by how you think about money. 

Save and Invest

I want my money to work for me and that's why I want to learn more about the best options to save and invest. Come on, join me as we learn new skills and get a handle on investing and saving. 

Saving with new skills

Get creative and learn new skills to grow your money. 

Investment Vehicles

Choosing the best investment option is easier than you think

The rule of 72

Compound interest doesn't have to be scary. 
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