Whether you want to lease equipment or grain storage facilities, we have you covered. Talk to us today to see how we can help you. 

Should I own or lease it?

There are important differences between buying a vehicle or piece of equipment (either outright or with a loan) and leasing it. Consider both options before making your decision, or speak to one of our lending specialists for help.

Financing with a loan or buying outright

  • You own the equipment / grain bins
  • Great if you want to keep your equipment long-term
  • No worrying about wear and tear
  • Customize your equipment / bins
  • Once the warranty is up, you're in charge of repairs

Financing with a lease

  • Early buy-out options
  • No documentation fees
  • Intergenerational transfer of wealth
  • Limit your taxable exposure
We can help with your leasing needs

So your accountant mentioned that you could benefit from leasing equipment as opposed to regular financing….we can help you with that!

Biggar & District Credit Union has a partnership in place with Calidon Leasing for situations such as this. Calidon produces the documentation, but you sign with a familiar face at the Credit Union.

Benefits of leases include tax benefits, cash flow savings, and transfer of wealth options. Calidon Leasing also allows for early buyout on leases without penalty, which makes them an industry leader. Visit https://calidon.ca/ to learn more!


Agricultural and Commercial Lending

Our lending team can help business owners find the right financing solutions for their businesses. Contact them for assistance with equipment and grain storage leasing solutions.


Never leave your farm

You can sign the Leasing documents from anywhere using e-signatures on your phone, tablet or laptop. Ask us how

Grain Bin Leasing

It makes business sense to lease your grain bins rather than financing it. Talk to your accountant about the tax benefits of leasing versus financing. We work with Calidon Equipment Leasing to provide you with a leasing option. You do not have to come in to the branch to sign the documents. You can sign using e-signatures. Call Us today to see how your business can benefit from this!

Commercial Equipment Leasing

Just like with a grain bin lease, you get access to the equipment you need for a specified length of time in exchange for periodic payments. Once the lease is up, you can return or buy the machinery for its residual value. You do not have to come in to the branch to sign the documents. You can sign using e-signatures. Call Us ​today to see how your business can benefit from this!
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