International Transfers
Anywhere, anytime, around the globe

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International Transfers
The smarter way to send money

is a third-party provider. Please contact them directly for help/customer service:
  • Buy an overseas property or holiday home abroad
  • Pay for overseas tuition fees for child or grandchild
  • Overseas investments
  • Send money to friends or family who live overseas
  • Pay for accommodation/luxury holidays overseas
  • Support a family member who is travelling overseas
  • Pay for a wedding abroad
  • Overseas mortgage payments
  • Pay for work to be completed overseas
  • Pay for overseas medical expenses
  • Pay for bills overseas
  • Anytime, anywhere, around the globe

What you need to know

We've anticipated the most common questions you may have about International Transfers

    For international transfers, log into online banking. In the footer area at the bottom of the page under "Additional Resources" click on AGILITY FOREX or Click Here to register

    • Complete the one-time registration to get started 
    • Add your recipient
    • Book your international transfer
    • To fund your transfer through Agility Forex
      • Login to Biggar & District Credit Union digital banking and use the "Pay Bills" function 
      • The first time you fund a transfer you will need to go to "Manage Payees" and choose "Add Payee"
      • The Payee Name is "International Transfers". Use the search function to find "International Transfers" (Please note: the payee name is NOT Agility Forex)
      • Enter your Agility Forex Account Number (available after you have logged into your Agility Forex Account)
    You can transfer as much as your credit union allows, or as little as $10.
    You will be notified by AGILITY FOREX when the funds have left your account and been received by AGILITY FOREX.
    You will be notified when your beneficiary is paid.
    AGILITY FOREX has a secure dealing platform that is easy to use, with transactions being completed in seconds. Reviewing payment history, setting up new beneficiaries, and sending payments with multiple beneficiaries can all be directly accessed from their dashboard.
    Send money globally 24/7 with AGILITY FOREX.
    Quick 2-5 business day delivery. Time varies depending on the destination.
    Your transfer is protected with AES 256-bit encryption, automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage - all through a FINTRAC-regulated entity.
    With live pricing you get the real exchange rate, every time.
    The fees are displayed at the time of transaction.
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