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Borrowing is part of doing business and the way you borrow determines how fast your business grows, how stable the business is and long you can sustain your enterprise.

For any business to be successful you need a financial partner who understands your needs - whether you are a young and upcoming farmer, an established small enterprise or are taking the next step to move to a medium sized business.

Biggar and District Credit Union has all the products you need and the experts to help you make the right decision. Let's connect and get the conversation started.

Meet our mobile lending team

Your business needs are unique to your industry. You need solutions that meet those needs. Our Agricultural and Commercial lending team is mobile and can meet you where you are. Doing business with us is easy.

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Loan calculators

Calculate how much you can borrow and what your projected repayment schedule will be.

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Sign documents from anywhere when you apply for a loan.



Ways to bank

You can do your banking online or in person. We are here for you - wherever you are.



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