Send money anytime, for any reason
Interac® e-Transfer is great for splitting the bill at a restaurant, paying your rent, babysitter or dog walker

Find out how easy it is to send and receive money with Interac® e-Transfers

If you don't often carry cash, or maybe you prefer not to be paid by cheque, Interac® e-Transfer is a convenient and secure way to send and receive money within Canada.


What you will need

An email address

Your email address helps your contacts identify you

An account at Biggar & District Credit Union

Your account needs to be open and active, and you must be signed up for online banking

A computer or mobile phone

You will be sending and receiving via Biggar & District Credit Union online banking or our Mobile App


Interac® e-Transfer Fees


Per transaction to send or request money*


To receive money

*Some account packages include unlimited free e-Transfer transactions.

You will be sending and receiving via Biggar & District Credit Union online banking or our Mobile App

Find the right account for you

Sending Limits

Sending Limits:

  • Per Transaction: $2,000
  • Per Day (24 hours): $3,000
  • Per Week (7 days): $8,000
  • Per Month (30 days): $15,000

Interac e-Transfers How-to's

Hopefully we have anticipated your questions - click on the topics below to get the answers
  1. Log into Biggar & District Credit Union’s Online Banking or mobile app and navigate to the “Transfers” screen - choose e-Transfer
  2. Set up your sender profile
  3. Add your recipient – make sure to create a Security Question and answer for the recipient (the recipient must know the answer)
  4. Choose how to notify your recipient, the amount you wish to send and which account the funds will be transferred from. You can also choose to send a special message or memo to your recipient
  5. Send! The funds are debited from your account immediately

Your recipient will receive notification that you have sent them an Interac® e-Transfer, and will follow the links provided in the email or text message to deposit their funds. Once they have answered the security question correctly, they can deposit the funds immediately – no holds, no hassle!

This is what you need to do when you receive money via Interac e-Transfer:

  1. Check your email inbox, text messages, bank or credit union app.
  2. Follow the instructions to login to your account and enter the security answer.
Note: Biggar & District Credit Union is NOT one of the institutions with an icon to click on to choose when looking for your account. Just start typing "Biggar & District Credit Union" into the search field and you will be able to link to us that way.

It’s that quick to receive money and accept your funds. Make sure the sender safely shares the correct answer to the security question with you – or better yet, register for Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit

You can send a money request through our mobile app or online banking. It's a cool way to say "you owe me money" between friends.
For businesses, its an important tool to streamline payments.

When your contact completes the transfer, the funds will be automatically deposited into your account. You will not have to login again to accept the transfer.

How do I do request money?

You can find the Request Money option under Transfers in online banking OR under Interac® e-Tranfers

It is possible to cancel an Interac® e-Transfer while it is pending. Your e-Transfers will be "pending" for 30 minutes after you hit send. It will show as pending until the recipient accepts it.

To cancel a pending Interac® e-Transfer:

  1. Login to online banking or our mobile app
  2. Navigate to transfers / Interac® e-Transfers
  3. Select Send Interac® e-Transfer
  4. Choose View: Pending
  5. Follow the steps to cancel the pending transfer

NOTE: click "Complete" to finalize the cancellation

Protect yourself against online fraud
Interac® e-Transfer is secure. Your personal information is secure, no account numbers or financial institution information is shared, and a security question of your choosing protects your funds from being received by the wrong person. However, fraudsters are learning new tricks all the time so please add an additional layer of security and sign up for e-Transfer Alerts.
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