The Registered Disability Savings Plan

Helping Canadians With Disabilities Save for the Future

The RDSP is a tax-deferred savings vehicle introduced by the Government of Canada to help Canadians with disabilities and their families save for their long-term financial security and access to up to $90,000 in government Grants and Bonds.
To qualify for an RDSP, you must:
  1. Be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (information available on the Government of Canada's Website HERE)
  2. Be a resident of Canada
  3. Be less than 60 years of age
  4. Have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN)

In addition:
  • You may be able to access up to $90,000 in Government of Canada grands with an RDSP
  • If you already qualify for the Disability Tax Credit you can access these grants right away.

Three Things You Need To Know:

Once a withdrawal of any amount is made, all federal grants and bonds paid into the RDSP in the previous 10 years must be repaid to the federal government on a 3:1 basis
Beneficiaries aren't required to pay taxes on their RDSP until withdrawals are made or the RDSP is terminated
If you think a Disability Assistance Payment is likely, you can choose to not request CDSG or CDSB payments. These can be restarted after the payment.

The RDSP can be confusing. Need a hand?

Our local experts are here to help you.


Want to learn more about the RDSP and the Disability Tax Credit?

Check out the information on the Government of Canada's Website 


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