Homebuyer Tax Breaks

Buying your first home is an exciting prospect but one that can also be extremely daunting. What’s the best vehicle to use when saving for that all-important downpayment? How do I differentiate between all the options and acronyms like FHSA, TFSA or HBP—let alone understand which is most suitable for my situation?

To help you make sense of the various options designed to give first-time homebuyers tax breaks, we are holding a special webinar featuring Aviso Wealth’s resident tax expert, Doug Carroll. Doug will break down each option to paint a clear picture of their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision on how best to save for your first home.

How we are building better communities

It takes a group of dedicated people working together to build a better community. We are fortunate not only to have compassionate staff at Biggar and District Credit Union, but also to partner with community organizations that follow the same principles as we do. Together we are building a strong community.

Biggar & District Credit Union Youth Accounts

We have the perfect youth account for every stage. Our youth accounts are designed to introduce and reinforce good money management. 
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Learn about the trending frauds that are affecting Canadians today and the steps and services you can use to help protect yourself.

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