​​​Invest worry-free with a term deposit.

A Term Deposit (also known as a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, or GIC) gives you a competitive return and the flexibility to access your money after the term is over. It’s a win-win.​

BDCU Term Deposit Facts

*redeemable with penalty if applicable

CU Bonus Builder

The CU Bonus Builder is a five year term deposit 

The rate increases each year and is redeemable on each anniversary date. So, if rates go up, you have the option to change the term. If rates go down, you have already locked in your rates for the following year. 

The rates below are effective September 24, 2020

1 year


2 year


3 Year


4 Year


5 Year


Index Linked Term Deposit

  • Returns based on stock market index performance

  • Interest is compounded annually, paid at maturity

  • Use in registered and non-registered accounts 

  • Benefit from Credit Union Deposit Insurance

Deposit Wise

A term deposit that pays out a monthly, biweekly, quarterly, semi annual or annual payment that supplements other sources of income.
​Choose from 1 to 5 year terms. 

Payroll Savings

With our Payroll Savings term deposit you can choose from monthly, biweekly, or weekly deposits, for as little as $25 a deposit.
1 to 5 year terms are offered on a redeemable* basis.

*redeemable with penalty if applicable

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