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​Whether you want unlimited transactions or low fees we’ll help you find the right chequing account.

What type of account package do you need?

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Basic Chequing

If you do very few monthly transactions this might be the account for you. 

With a minimum monthly fee of only $1, our Basic Chequing package is an affordable, pay-as-you go option for your daily banking needs. Deposits are always free. Any other paper based transactions will cost you $1/transaction*, and all other fees are charged on a per-transaction basis. 

Monthly Fee: $1  |  Online Banking Access  | Book an appointment today

Tier 1 Chequing

If you only make a few transactions monthly the T1 package is for you.

The T1 package includes 10 free debit transactions per month, online banking and a free monthly paperless e-statement*. Deposits are always free.

Monthly Fee: $4  |  Online Banking Access  | Book an appointment today

Tier 2 Chequing 

The T2 package is cost effective for those with a moderate amount of monthly transactions

With 20 free transactions a month T2 suits many of our members needs with free paperless e-statements* and online banking access for daily banking. Deposits are always free.

Monthly Fee: $8  |  Online Banking Access  Book an appointment today

Tier 3 Chequing

For those with high monthly transactions

If you will be doing more than 20 debit transactions per month it pays to get the T3 account. The $12 monthly fee gives you unlimited debit transactions and free Interac e-Transfers®  in addition to free deposits online banking, online bill payment and free paperless e-statements*.

Monthly Fee: $12  |  Unlimited transactions |  Book an appointment today

Senior chequing account packages for 60 years and up:

Senior Tier 1 Chequing

For those 60 years and up, with low monthly transactions.

T1 Senior chequing has no monthly fee, and allows you to make 10 free debits per month, has online banking access and a free paperless e-statement*. Deposits are always free.

Monthly Fee: FREE  |  10 free debits/month  | Book an appointment today 

Senior Tier 2 Chequing

For those 60 years and up, with moderate to high monthly transactions.

Our T2 Senior chequing gives you unlimited debit transactions, online bill payment, access to online banking,  free deposits, free Interac e-Transfers® and free paperless e-statements*.

Monthly Fee: $6  |  Unlimited debits  | Book an appointment today 

*Paperless e-statements are free with online banking.  Paper statements are optional and charged at $1/month per account.

Enjoy the advantages of a BDCU Chequing Account​

  • All accounts are eligible for Credit Union Deposit Insurance

  • Free eStatements

  • Bank from the ease of your smartphone with the BDCU Banking App

  • Send or receive money to and from other Canadian financial institutions with Interac® e-Transfer

  • Deposit cheques directly into your account using Deposit Anywhere™

  • Access over 3,500 ding free® ATMs across Canada

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We’ll help you find the right chequing account for your day-to-day banking needs.