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​Of course you're concerned about business debt, especially in today's business environment.  Here's some good news. CEBA gives you breathing room.   Before you rush into repayment review the repayment terms.​​  

​For example - did you know that no principal repayment is required before December 31, 2022? Or that if the loan remains outstanding after December 31, 2022, only interest payments required until full principal is due on December 31, 2025?

How can we help your business today?

Starting your business

Whether you have an established business or you are just starting out, we have the right debit and credit account package to make your business prosper. 

Growing your business

Talk to our Local Experts about the tailor-made lending and leasing options we have available when you are ready to take the next step in growing your business.

Managing your business

Managing your business takes time and we are here to help you make the best decisions for your business. Your business is our business!

Farming is Stressful

When stress is overwhelming, reach out. The Saskatchewan Farm Stress Line provides support when you need it the most. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Leasing vs financing 

Is this the year? Make the best decision for your business by talking to us about whether to lease or finance grain storage or other equipment. 

Meeting you where you are

Our mobile lending team is available to meet you where you are - in the field or in the office. We are making it easier to do business with us. Let's talk about how we can help you grow your business.

Redefining the way we do business

Bryce Kramer, VP Support Services explains how we are sticking to our core values and adding value to the way we do business with you. 

Redefining the way we do business

Our core values of trustworthiness, stability, and focus on building prosperous communities will always shape the business decisions we make. It is embedded in everything we do. We will continue to provide high quality, innovative products along with a high level of service to meet your financial needs. That is who we are and what we do.

What is changing though, is the way we are addressing the needs of our members.

We always have your best interest at heart and that is why we are adopting a proactive approach in the service and interaction we have with you. Our staff is ensuring that you are signed up with the best products so you can grow to be “super fantastic”. They work diligently to make sure that the advice they provide is geared towards giving you the best chance of meeting your financial goals. What are these financial goals?

Your financial goals are as unique as you are.

Whether you want to retire at the age of 55, be mortgage free or save for a new vehicle, we can help with that. Your goals may vary in time and complexity, but working together we can make it become a reality.

Bryce Kramer, VP Support Services

Helpful Resources

100% of your deposits are guaranteed

Never worry about the security of your deposits  at the Biggar and District Credit Union. All deposits are 100% secured through CUDGC. 

​Interac® e-Transfer makes business sense

It has never been easier to send and receive money withInterac® e-Transfer. You can even request money from your clients. Just another way we make business banking convenient for you. 

Manage your business credit card 

Manage your business credit card online. Take the guess work out of your finances. Sign up today and be in the know!

​Need a loan?

Talk to the lending team. We are small enough to know you, but big enough to offer you quality products and services.