Board of Directors

Teagon Polsfut


Teagon is in his early twenties and was born and raised in Biggar. He holds a casual Maintenance position at the Biggar & District Health Centre. In addition, he works on vehicles at his family's business, Spyder Auto Body, which has been part of the community for over thirty years. He also helps operate the Spyder tow truck for Biggar and surrounding area. Teagon is a licensed 4th Class Power Engineer.

He has been a homeowner in Biggar since 2017 and is proud that it is home to his family, including his young daughter. When not at work, Teagon enjoys spending time with family and friends, hunting, fishing, working on personal vehicles and home renovations.

Teagon is has been a member of the Biggar & District Credit Union for as long as he can remember. He became a director with a goal of offering a perspective from his age group. He is excited to be a part of the successful organization the Biggar & District Credit Union has come to be in our community.

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