Board of Directors

Sheila Itterman

2nd Vice President

Sheila Itterman first joined the Board of Directors in 2011 and is still passionate about the way the Biggar and District Credit Union conducts its business while supporting the communities in Biggar, Landis and Perdue. She is passionate about promoting small town communities and husband Ernie supports her in her endeavors. They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

Sheila has been employed at Meszaros Chiropractic Clinic for the last 20 years. She has always been actively involved in the community through her involvement with various local organizations. Currently she is serving as secretary on the Biggar Majestic Theatre Board where she coordinates the volunteers, books the movies and ensures that the concession is stocked. She is a member of the Arts Council and the liaison for the Bingo at the Majestic Theatre.

“I am impressed at the way the management team at Biggar and District Credit Union encourages people to be the best they can be. Bill is such a good role model. He is continually connecting with other credit unions and staying abreast of new developments. It’s been an absolute privilege working with the team.”- Sheila Itterman

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