Payroll services

Save time and money while processing payroll

We make paying your employees convenient so you can spend your time making your business prosper. 

Inter-member transfer

Pay your employees who are also Biggar and District Credit Union members.

​INTERAC® e-Transfer

If you have to pay only a couple of employees. 

Options for smaller business with fewer employees

inter-member transfer
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • The employee has to be a member of the Biggar and District Credit Union
  • Quick to set up
  • Convenient
  • Cost effective 
  • 30 minute wait time
  • Sending limits apply


Per Transaction:  $2,000

Per Day (24 hours):  $3,000

Per Week (7 days):   $8,000

Per Month (30 days):  $15,000

Providing the tools to make your business grow

We have a range of products and services to give you time to make your business grow. Your business is our business!

Need money to grow?

We have an extensive list of commercial and agricultural loans on offer to help your business grow. 

Cash management

It is our job to give you the tools to make and receive payments in a safe and convenient way. 

Ways to bank

We recognize that time is money and we put in place different ways you can bank with us. Whether in person or online, we are here for you