Caring Through COVID-19

This too shall pass

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a new set of challenges for everyone in our communities. We, at the Biggar and District Credit Union try to make life a little easier for the different groups in our area who could not do their normal fundraising activities. The Caring Through COVID-19 community grant was presented to several organizations in Biggar, Landis and Perdue. As always, we are proud to lend a hand where we can. 

Recipients in Biggar

We might be physically apart from each other but we keep close ties with the organizations in our communities that could not go about their business as usual. It is a privilege to support the following organizations in Biggar: 

Andrea Craig - Biggar and District Family Centre; Clinton Weekes - Biggar Golf Club; Delta Fay Cruickshank and Janelle Villaneuva - Biggar Museum; Henrietta Parenteau - Odd Job Squad; Erin Hadden - NCCP & Biggar Day Care; Harold Friedhoff - Biggar Curling Club; Emma Genis - Biggar Barracuda Swim Club; Jackie Zagoruy - Biggar Music Festival Association; Ken Kernohan - Biggar Nationals Hockey Club; Rhonda Heather and Jayne Stacey - Biggar Lionel A. Jones Library; Ross Holt - Majestic Theatre; Michelle Hanson - Prairie Branches Recycling Program; Monika Schultz - Biggar Rec Valley; Lyndsey Jezowski - Biggar School of Dance.

Recipient in Landis

           The restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to change the way they do things. Some projects had to be shelved and this impacted our community tremendously. We are privileged to support in any way we can. Together we are building our communities. 

Angela Ochs - Landis and District Community Initiative

Recipients in Perdue

There are so many enthusiastic and talented people in our communities who work tirelessy to provide services to the residents in our hamlets, villages, and towns. Our communities will suffer without their dedication. We are fortunate to be in a position to support the groups and businesses that make our communities "home". 

Sylvia Stack - Eagle Creek Regional Park; Karen Duguid - Eagle Creek Wildlife Federation; Tamara Shields - Perdue Ag Society; Samantha Woloshyn - Perdue Daycare; Tanya Fyson - Perdue Irish Dance; Loretta Davies - Perdue Library; Don Clark - Perdue Minor Ball; Gerald Nicholls - Perdue New Horizons; Wayne Saretzky - Perdue Pirates; Donna Hunter - Perdue Rec Complex.