Board of Directors

Wayne Dollansky

1st Vice President

I have been on the Board of Biggar & District Credit Union for several years. When I was initially approached to join the Board, I was immediately intrigued by the opportunity to learn more about how the Credit Unions were run. The Biggar Credit Union is a great organization, with awesome management and staff, and when I look back I think it was the treatment I received when entering the branch that really made my decision to become part of the board. It is a great opportunity to take board education and to enhance your personal development.

Working with a great management team to make decisions that shape the direction of the Credit Union, and watching our Credit Union grow is very satisfying. Understanding the needs of our members and watching how our management meet the ever changing financial environment has been a very rewarding experience. Keeping up with technology, has been very challenging. Helping management make sound decisions to stay ahead of the curve to meet our needs, and to be prepared for new and exciting products is one area I really enjoy.

It certainly makes me proud to be a part of such a successful financial institution.

Please consider this as your invitation to attend the information meeting on becoming a Board member.