POS Issue

Cards Declined at Point of Sale

Please be advised that there are currently some isues being experienced at some Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

Some chip cards (debit and credit cards) issued in 2019 are resulting in declines.  This issue affects ANY chip card you may have in your wallet - NOT ONLY Biggar & District Credit Union cards. 

ATMs are NOT affected. We recommend that you have cash on hand as a back up.

**Please note - cards will not be reissued, as that will not fix the problem with the POS terminals**
Interac is working on getting this issue resolved ASAP

How to know if your card was issued in 2019:

Each card has the month and year it was issued printed on the back of the card, on the left side above the black magnetic strip.  In the example the date portion has been outlined with a red box - this was done to highlight where to find the date.

In the example the top card was issued in July of 2016 (0716). The bottom card was issued in January of 2018 (0118).
card date example


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