Scam Alert!

You may have heard about this one on the news. It's called the "Phone Port Scam" or the "SIM Card Swap Scam" 

It is making the rounds in Saskatchewan and here are some things you can do to protect yourself. 

  • Contact your phone provider and ask about additional security measures that may be available
  • If you lose mobile service on your device, contact your service provider immediately
  • Sign up for ALERTS. ALERTS can be set up to notify you when changes are made, or someone logs into your account. Come in and see us in branch and we can help you  get set up. Find out more about ALERTS (click here)
For more information about the scam from Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (click here)
What is is in a nutshell - Fraudsters are using SIM swapping and phone number porting to gain access to your email, social media and financial accounts. From there, they gain direct access to your personal information, calendar, contacts, money, and then some. Fraudsters may empty your bank accounts, apply for credit in your good name, or impersonate you to defraud your entire contact list. In the meantime, you lose access to your mobile service, are typically locked out of all your accounts, and are left scrambling.


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