Member Benefits

Why become a member?

At Biggar & District Credit Union we offer a full line of products and services, making us simliar to and competitive with, other financial institutions. We are fundamentally different however than a bank.

We are proud of our unique difference

Your Deposits Are Fully Guaranteed

In Saskatchewan, our deposit insurance through Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation provides our members with fully guaranteed deposits held with our credit union.

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Our Members Are Our Owners

Our unique difference stems from the simple fact that our credit union is owned by our members. Our members participate in our profits. Over the past 5 years, our members have received $1.35 million back in the form of dividends. We are proud to be an autonomous credit union making decisions locally. Our management, staff and directors have a better understanding of our local situation, conditions and economy. Our members are involved in our democratic process and as such, help us determine which products and services are required to best meet their community, business and personal needs.

It Pays to be a Member!

Patronage Dividend Program

Your Board of Directors are proud to provide this program to you. We recognize that the success of the credit union is directly attributed to the patronage of the members. The Patronage Dividend Program is our way of saying“Thank You” for being a loyal and committed member of the Biggar & District Credit Union.

How does it work?

Credit unions are owned by their members. Surplus profits belong to you, the owner, and are distributed through the Patronage Dividend Program.

How much will I receive?

The amount you receive will depend upon the net profit of the credit union and the total interest you earned and paid.

What interest qualifies?

Eligible interest includes all interest paid to you on chequing accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, lines of credit, loans and mortgages.

When and how will I get paid?

The patronage program is based on the credit union’s financial performance. Annually, your Board of Directors decides whether it will be paid or not and at what rate. Funds will be paid into your account.


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