CU START ® Package

Are you new to town? The CU START® package was designed for newcomers to Biggar & Perdue area.

Click here for printable information (PDF): CU START®  Package

Whether you are from another country or newly arrived from another town or province within Canada, our trusted, expert staff will help you overcome some of the challenges of getting settled in your new home.

The CU START® package includes:

  • No-fee banking for one year (Tier 3)
  • Safety deposit box free for one year
  • $500 limit MasterCard® *
  • A MEMBER CARD® Debit Card to access ATM and online banking
  • A Welcome Gift!  5,000 Choice Rewards® or a $50 Gift from the Choice Rewards® website at
  • Free advice and friendly service!

Who is eligible?   Anyone who has arrived in the Biggar/Perdue area within the last year or so

How do you sign up?   Call 306-948-3352 and make an appointment with one of our Financial Service Officers, Lyndsey Poole or Cheri Steeg.

Or simply click on a name to send an email:
e-mail Lyndsey e-mail Cheri

What do you need to bring with you to sign up?

  • Picture ID and/or  Passport  or Permanent Residency card
  • $5 for membership fee.  Your membership gives you a vote in the direction of your credit union, and a share in the profits.

If English is a problem we have staff that can assist you in Filipino, Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.

*Some conditions apply